$24,045* MSRP$24,045
2.5-liter four-cylinder/187 horsepower ENGINE/HORSEPOWER2.4-liter four-cylinder/184 horsepower
2,000 pounds TOW RATING1,500 pounds
Radar-based, monitors both sides of vehicle BLIND SPOT MONITORINGCamera-based, monitors only passenger side
Standard on all trim levels TECH INTERFACESNot standard on lowest trim level
Looking for a great crossover in the Roswell area? You've come to the right place. At Mazda of Roswell, we can't wait to show you the 2018 Mazda CX-5. Wondering how it stacks up to the competition? We've compared it to one of its top competitors. Here's what we found.

Sustainable Zoom-Zoom
When it comes to power, you generally compare horsepower. However, in efficient vehicles, it's more about what you do with the power you have. Some transmissions are smooth, others powerful, and a manual transmission puts power quickly to the road. With the release of SKYACTIV® transmissions, we have found one that does all three! You truly should enjoy what you drive and be efficient doing so.

Premium for Less
Luxury cars are normally measured by how quiet they are and the refinement of the interior. With sound proofing glass and materials, the Mazda CX-5 has a muted interior. Quickly, you will find we didn't stop there. Air vents, engraved aluminum trim, 19-inch wheels, and premium paint options allow you to buy a higher end SUV without the price of one.

Drive Confidence
With AWD available in nearly all of our competition, you may be surprised to find the Mazda CX-5 actually holds the advantage in this category. Normally AWD systems are measured by how fast they respond to your vehicle slipping. This has been a cause for concern with companies like Consumer Reports that worry about how a consumer responds to this rare occurrence. With the Mazda, we take all those worries away by adding a predictive aspect. Windshield wipers, outside temperature gauge, and 25 other systems provide measurements more than 200 times per second to engage the AWD in advance of slipping and hopefully prevent you from ever slipping.

Safe Ergonomics
Looking off the road is one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving your car. Are you reaching for the stereo, looking at your onboard displays, or checking your blind spot? Mazda worked hard to make your ride comfortable, convenient, and safe. With a touchscreen mounted on your dashboard, audible and visual blind spot monitoring system, standard commander control, and available heads up display, we put everything in easy reach and right where you are already looking.

Soul. Red. Crystal.
Three words that mean something on their own but never meant as much until they were combined in a paint. With a vibrancy, depth, and richness that is unmatched you get a color with as much personality as the person driving the car. This paint goes from a candy red to a near black, depending on light and angle. A three-layer process comprising of clear, translucent, and reflective coats now adds highly saturated red pigment and brilliant, extremely thin aluminum flakes.

G- Vectoring
With features like Lane Departure Warning and Smart City Braking, we try to help you in emergency situations. But more importantly, we want your car to just be safe and feel good while doing it. G-Vectoring is the answer. Anyone who has ever driven a manual transmission will immediately appreciate the first part of this system. Going into a curve, it reduces torque, transferring load to your front wheels for better control giving the torque back to you at just the right time to feel it accelerate out of the curve. The second part however may be the more noticeable aspect providing quality of life improvements. We have all been annoyed making tiny steering corrections just to stay straight in our lane. G-Vectoring does them for you, cutting down the driving fatigue normally experienced on long drives or in heavy commutes.

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*MSRP excludes tax, title, license fees and destination charge of $875 (Alaska $920). Model shown priced higher. Actual dealer price will vary. 

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